Winter 2021: The Return of the Holiday Party

With cities across the country making their reopening plans, the events industry is buzzing with the excitement of summer company picnics and outings. We’re getting back in the swing of planning in-person events for summer, a little later than the normal cycle, but planning has begun. Amidst this sudden ramp up of planning, it dawned on us that because everyone is starting summer plans a bit later than usual, fall and holiday planning are likely to be pushed back as well. Paired with so many companies bringing people back to their offices the second half of 2021 and looking to bring everyone together for the first time in over a year, we can’t let holiday plans get delayed any longer.

Although it might seem a little crazy to be thinking about the annual holiday party when we are just starting summer plans but it is important for everyone to get back on our normal planning schedules to avoid major obstacles if we wait. Here are some reminders why we normally start holiday planning in summer time:

Avoid the Rush: We have a strong feeling that every company plans to host an in-person event this year, so much so we believe holiday demand will be substantially higher than previous years.  We suggest to get ahead of the curve by locking in a proposal now before you have to compete with others during the holiday rush. 

Venue Selections: The top venues are already booking for the holidays and beyond. Not to mention if your group prefers a non-traditional venue, you may also be competing against rescheduled quarantine weddings. Use this time to scope out your top venues while there is time to find the perfect place with availability. 

Date Availability: Do you have a specific day and time for your annual party? You don’t want to be the reason why the company has to change to a Monday night party when everyone is used to a Friday night celebration. Give yourself time and options by requesting a proposal for your date as soon as possible.

The key is to get the major details of our holiday party nailed down now – Date, Time and Venue. Once that is done, you have time later this summer to finalize the rest of the holiday plans after you are done planning your summer outing! Remove the future stress of planning the holidays by calling Murrel (773-486-7403 to get the planning process started today!

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