Togetherness – The #1 Take Away from 2021 Employee Outings!

After a unique and busy summer event season, we think back on how much has changed since the start of 2021. With little clarity about the upcoming event season, many clients started making hopeful plans for summer events just in case.  Then, just in time for summer, the city and state gave the green light for large gatherings and lifted the mask requirements for outdoor events. Many clients took advantage of this opportunity and went ahead with hosting their annual summer picnic for the first time since the pandemic started. As we executed each event, we noticed a common trend in feedback from clients and guests alike – being together with their coworkers felt noticeably different this year! There was a sense of togetherness and camaraderie that had been missing from so much time spent apart during a year full of remote and hybrid work environments. We saw CEO’s shed a few tears while addressing their team at company picnics. We saw coworkers not ready to leave the event when it ended because they were having so much fun catching up with their peers. One company wrote us saying:

      “I just wanted to let you know what a great time everyone had at our 2021 picnic. I received incredible feedback from employees about what a great time they had. Much of the feedback described how they felt it was so important (and fun) to get everyone together, see their teammates and reconnect after last year. They were so excited to be with each other and simply enjoy a wonderful afternoon together. The WCF Team did a great job. It was exactly what the company needed and I am so glad we decided to host the event.” – RMB Capital Management

As we shift our focus to the fall and holiday season, there is still an opportunity to get the gang together for some fun. Take advantage of the crisp fall weather by hosting an Oktoberfest themed picnic or adding a Halloween twist to a barbecue. Scavenger Hunts are also a great way to get outdoors and make new memories with your team.

Work can get stressful and and at times, cumbersome but when you are surrounded by people that understand and enjoy each other’s company, it makes for a better workplace. Call Murrel (773-486-7403 today to start planning your next employee outing to spark the reminder that your team is better together!

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