Add These New Event Trends to Your Next Company Outing!

WCF Events is always your go-to for events that are current, parties that are popular, and gatherings that are ‘gramable–Instagramable, that is! Let us share the top four trends in 2019 corporate events.

Tech it up a notch.

Scavenger hunts are a WCF specialty, but the tweak this year is the eHunt— a GPS-enhanced search around downtown Chicago. Participants use a tablet or cell phone to answer clues and complete missions. Another tech trend is to upgrade the ever-popular photo booth with boomerang or GIF image files. We don’t need to tell you that new ways to share on social media is mega-appealing to millennials. You can even create a custom hashtag that boosts brand awareness!

Well, well, well.

What have we here? It’s a revitalized focus on well-being. A healthy team is a happy team, after all, and a happy team is good for business. Stretch boundaries with a morning yoga class. Relax attitudes with an on-site chair massage. And why not strengthen muscles and friendships with a fun run or WCF’s new Wellness Scavenger Hunt.

Experience comes with the job (party).

If an activity is unusual, interest amps up! Think Escape Room, cooking classes, or even axe throwing! The more out of the ordinary, the more shareable on social media–we’re thinking axe throwing videos get the win here. The Cake Boss Challenge  has been hugely popular. Lots of photo ops, lots of sugar, lots of love for this baking show-inspired team builder!

Slow down there.

More and more unmarried millennials in the workforce are driving the desire for a no-hassle, laid back get-together. Sometimes it’s good to just chill at a fun place to eat, drink, and relax. Claim some downtime to enjoy each other’s company.  Check out the coolest rooftops or create an exclusive Brunch in the Park where bottomless mimosas and Giant Jenga are the order of the day.

Make it easy.

WCF helps you plan the events your corporate team will love. You don’t have to ditch the tried and true, but why not explore a way to shake things up a bit and add a new angle to your 2019 gatherings. Contact Murrel Karsh ( or 773.486.7403) for the latest and greatest!

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