The Do’s and Don’ts of Company Holiday Parties

Pro tips for the best holiday party…like, ever.

DO strut your holiday spirit:

Put a festive touch on your holiday party outfit. Bonus points if you convince everyone else to do it.

DON’T be hangry:


Your party menu should include options for vegetarian and gluten-free diets as well as guests with food allergies. No one likes to feel left out (or starve).


DO plan your company holiday party ahead of time:


Prioritize your company party, especially if you have a large group. You aren’t the only one who wants the hottest venue.

DON’T forget to plan a few surprises:

holiday party

Ask Santa or his elves to make an extra stop at your company’s holiday event. Promise extra milk and cookies if you have to.


DO a charitable activity:

Wagon build

It’s the season of giving. Build a wagon, assemble care packages, or send supplies to families in need.


DON’T leave without taking lots of pictures:

Holiday hunt

Capture all the memories of your big bash, and remember to post some to your social media accounts.

DO hire a professional:

Planning a company holiday party can be downright exhausting. When you let the pros handle the details, you can enjoy the party as a guest rather than an event coordinator. To see what this looks like, hop over to our section on corporate holiday parties.


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