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You likely plan a company picnic once a year, so making it memorable is high on the priority list. If you want to take it up a notch and do something out of the ordinary, unexpected, and something that employees will really look forward to, you have to think beyond the traditional.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do all of the thinking and planning by yourself. We have already come up with company picnic ideas that are a deviation from the norm. We call them interactive company picnics, and we’re featuring four of them on today’s post.

Great “Amazing Race” Chicago


If you want to get employees out of their seats (we all sit enough anyway, right?), the Great “Amazing Race” Chicago is the perfect event. It’s a 3- to 5-hour race that takes you all over the city of Chicago with clues and missions to help you reach a secret destination. Employees are split up into teams for the race, but many companies determine a final meeting place for cocktails and/or dinner for all.

“Mission: Impossible” Scavenger Hunt


Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? The “Mission: Impossible” version is a thrilling, 2-hour adventure in the city that takes teams around Chicago’s neighborhoods and landmarks. Employees are divided into teams to participate in team building missions and collect unique items along the way. The first team to reach the final destination is the winner!

Interactive Company BBQ Picnic


If your group is looking for more than the normal company picnic action, then you’ll want to check out the Interactive BBQ. It’s an activity-based picnic that brings a little bit of everything to the party. From human slingshot (pictured above) to outdoor Olympics and even lawn games like baggo and softball, you can have it all and then some.

Team Challenge BBQ


Team building is something that doesn’t just happen at the office. In fact, many companies look to the Team Challenge BBQ as a way to combine the fun of a company picnic with the long-lasting benefits of building trust and camaraderie among employees. It’s truly an interactive company picnic idea that brings people together for a memorable event.

For other ideas your team may like, head on over to the lookbook of Interactive Summer Picnics, BBQs and Outings.

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