I wanted to let you know that my group had so much fun on the Taste of Windy City Scavenger Hunt. They said it was the best team building event they had ever been on. Your people are great and made it such a memorable event. Everyone said they wished I had booked you for a longer period of time. You can imagine their surprise when I told them that you custom designed our event for the 4 hour period since your program usually runs 2-3 hours. The champagne toast on the Hancock Observatory and the Hot Dog topping sites were among the teams’ favorite spots. Most of our people have not spent a significant amount of time in Chicago so they thoughtthis venue provided an exceptionally fun way to get to see the city. We also enjoyed a very dramatic, edge of the seat ending since our teams are so highly competitive. Laughs and a good time were had by all. It was a pleasure working with the wonderful people at Windy City Fieldhouse. Thanks once again for your thoughtfulness and for making our event a memory our people will hold dear for years to come.

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