9 Ideas For Take Your Child to Work Day On April 23rd

Take your child to work day is April 23rd. But it is more than just an opportunity for employees to bring their kids to work. It is an opportunity for the company to engage with its employees and show how much employees and their families mean to the company. WCF Events has 9 BRAND NEW IDEAS for Bring Your Child to Work Day programs that are beneficial to employees, their children, and the company. WCF Event’s Take Your Child to Work Day activities are designed to be light hearted and fun for all ages while providing some valuable lessons about the working world. If desired, WCF also tailors the activities to highlight your specific industry and company values!

Team Challenges are head-to-head competitive events that are both challenging and entertaining. Teams rotate through different activities that require teamwork and communication. Children learn the importance of communication in the workplace while having a great time!

Mosaic Events are both fun and creative! Teams paint parts of a painting on their canvas and later, they are combined to create a masterpiece. Mosaic Events are great for all companies, especially for companies in the design, art or marketing fields. WCF Events’ Mosaic teach kids that although they are one piece of the puzzle, all pieces are important to make the final product. Plus the company gets to keep the work of art created by their employees’ children!

Kid’s Trivia Hour is an excellent way for kids to get involved. Not every event needs to be a life lesson. Some activities can just be fun! WCF Events has special children’s only trivia categories such as cartoon trivia, music, pop culture and general knowledge. We even sneak in a few company related questions to see how much they learned about their parent’s job!

Cakeboss Challenge is a great hands-on event. Trivia questions help teams earn additional supplies they need to enhance their cake. This event is great for companies in the food and hospitality industry but also works for any occupation because who doesn’t love cake!?

Relay Game Challenges are a mix of semi-physical activities away from everyone’s desk. The activities are done in a conference room or on a tabletop and are lead by a professional emcee to encourage participation and maximize the fun! Relays are a great way to get everyone up and active.

Crafts are a great way to calm things down and crafts provide kids and parents a fun break between more active group events. Plus they get to create something to take home! Sand Art, Pet Rocks, Friendship Bracelets, and other craft ideas are perfect for a Take Your Child to Work Day.

Game Shows are an American tradition. Warm-up with some musical trivia, use our video projector for a “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” like experience and let the games begin. Trivia questions are designed to be light hearted and entertaining along with being age appropriate. If desired, questions are tailored to your company or industry making it a great event for any business!

Mad Science is a magical show powered by science! Perfect for companies in the S.T.E.M. fields. Parents enjoy sharing how a career in science can be both rewarding and fun.

Improv Workshops introduce the fundamentals of improvisation to kids. Children learn to stretch their bodies, voices and imaginations in a variety of ways. Improv Workshops are a fantastic event for companies in a creative field. Kids learn that a sizeable creative endeavor requires both creativity and teamwork to be successful.

Do not miss an opportunity to engage with your employees, have fun, have a few teachable moments, and allow parents to share what they do. WCF Events take care of everything for you. Contact WCF Events or submit a Proposal Request so you and your employees can relax and have a memorable day sharing your work with your children. Who knows how many kids you may inspire!


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