Why Pub Trivia Will Be Your Best Creative Corporate Meeting Idea Yet

One of the trickiest parts about planning a corporate meeting is making the event enjoyable for attendees. So many of our clients’ meetings are packed with shareholder updates, revenue reports and problem solving, it seems there’s hardly any time to get a break from it all. Yet we’ve been helping these same clients find ways to re-energize their groups with activities they can do during the meeting agenda. Our latest creative corporate meeting idea is something you may have done outside of work before, but we’re bringing it directly to the conference room. It’s Pub Trivia, and it’s about to be the best thing to happen to your next meeting.

What is Pub Trivia?

Pub trivia is an event that was popularized several years ago, as pubs started offering trivia nights to patrons. Players form teams and compete against each other during rounds of trivia questions, often with prizes awarded to the winning teams. These days, it isn’t just bars that offer pub trivia; you can find these friendly competitions at bowling alleys, restaurants and even community centers.

One of the reasons pub trivia is so popular is its accessibility. Every player joins the team with a unique knowledge base, which means one person may be better suited for questions related to sports and another may be best at answering music questions. You’ll often get trivia questions in several categories, like pop culture, sports, music, entertainment, science and others; so there are opportunities for players of all ages and levels to participate. The all-inclusive nature of the game makes it a top contender when you’re looking for a creative corporate meeting idea.

How does it work at a company meeting?

Pub trivia can be worked into any type of existing meeting plan – whether you want to warm up your group at the beginning, coordinate with your lunchtime or wrap up the event with a team activity. The group will be divided into teams and will work together to answer a few rounds of trivia questions, which can be as general or specific as you wish (some even do trivia about their own company!). The team that answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.

The biggest benefits of Pub Trivia at your meeting are increased communication, teamwork and a whole lot of fun. If you’re looking for a creative corporate meeting idea, then this is it – guaranteed to deliver smiles and energy to your next event.

For more information, head over to our section on Pub Trivia events.

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