Covid-19 Updates

We truly thank you for your support and understanding during the past few months and as we move back into Phase 3 of Reopening and Recovery. We have missed you all very much and are excited to be welcoming even more customers back to Windy City Fieldhouse with expanded capacities and additional available activities! Because the safety and well being of our staff and guests is our top priority, we have updated our operating procedures and policies to accommodate the guidelines set by the state and city. We will continue to monitor the local and state government guidelines to keep you updated with changes in the regulations. We are hoping for changes soon to allow for even more guests and activities. For now, here is an overview of what to expect on your next visit to WCF:

Facility Guidelines Overview

  1. Face Coverings are required to enter the building and must be worn at all times
  2. Only players and coaches are allowed in the building – NO SPECTATORS. Parents will get specific guidelines on how to pick up and drop off children for classes/lessons. (Parents participating within a Parent-Tot class are allowed to enter the building.)
  3. Bring your own equipment including basketballs, cones, etc.
  4. Bring your own water – water fountains will not be available
  5. Limited Number of People per Court – currently 25 or less per court
  6. Activities are limited to non-contact drills and skill based training for the allowed activities listed above
  7. Locker rooms and showers will be closed. Please come dressed to play.
  8. Reservations must be made by 5pm and at least 1 day in advance. No day of reservations. Weekend and Monday reservations must be made by 5pm Friday.

To learn more about our Covid-19 related updates, look below for a full list of facility guidelines and regulations.

In addition to working on the new guidelines, we have spent the last few months focusing on the cleanliness and upkeep of the facility. For those of you that know Sergio, our head of building operations, he has been busy on several maintenance projects usually set aside for the summer and of course, deep cleaning the entire facility. In addition, he has also been working with management to ensure that the facility and operations team are setup properly to continue the new standards for cleanliness to provide a safe environment for all.

Although things may feel different for the time being, rest assured that you will be returning to the same Windy City Fieldhouse that you know and love! We thank you all again for your cooperation and patience as we navigate this new normal together to ensure a safe and fun return to sports and fun at Windy city Fieldhouse!

Windy City Sports Academy Updates

For more information about how we are prepared to run our Windy City Sports Academy (WCSA) classes and camps, click here for more information.

Covid-19 Facility Guidelines

Know Before You Go

  1. Face coverings will be required at all times while in the facility – Masks will be available for purchase at the front desk.
  2. Bring your own equipment (balls, cones, etc.).
  3. Bring your own water – Water fountains will be closed, Vending machines will be available and sanitized regularly.
  4. Locker rooms and showers will be closed – Please come dressed to play.
  5. No Spectators – Only active participants such as players and coaches are allowed in the facility (unless specified otherwise).
  6. New online waiver must be completed before entry. Link will be available on the website and at the front desk.
  7. Cash will not be accepted.  Only Credit/Debit cards will be accepted.
  8. Reservation must be made by 5pm and at least 1 day in advance. No day of reservations. Weekend and Monday reservations must be made by 5pm Friday.

Upon Arrival/Exiting

  1. Know where to enter if you are assigned an entry/exit point other than the front door.  You must wait in the designated waiting area if needed. 6 Foot markings will be placed outside every possible entrance.
  2. Wait until the start of reservation time to enter the facility. If needed, a WCF employee will let you in the facility.
  3. A face covering must be worn to enter the building and worn at all times.  You will be required to purchase a mask at the front desk upon arrival if you do not have a face covering and do not want to leave.
  4. When done, immediately gather belongings and leave the facility at your assigned exit.

While in the Facility

  1. All activities must be non-contact.
  2. Maximum of 25 people per court at a time including coaches.
  3. Maximum of 5 people in the locker rooms at one time.
  4. Social Distance – Floor markings will be placed every 6 feet on the outer edges of each court to place belongings.
  5. All equipment must be cleaned before and after usage. Please bring your own cleaning sprays and rags to clean your own equipment. WCF will clean all WCF equipment.
  6. Face covering must be worn at all times even during on-court activity.

Staff and Building 

  1. All WCF staff will wear face coverings while in the facility.
  2. WCF staff will continue to sanitize all common, high touch surfaces and areas along with courts after each use.
  3. Hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout the facility along with a plexiglass barrier at the front desk.
  4. Tables and chairs will not be available.
  5. Maximum of 200 people in the facility at a time – 25 people per court limit.
  6. Maximum of 8 courts in use at one time.
  7. How you enter and exit the facility will be based on the volume of the facility. Contact your group coordinator to learn more.
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