With record sales over the past several years offering a wide variety of perspectives and venue choices, WCF’s Mitzvah expert Mandy Giba outlines her top trends for mitzvahs in 2019 below. Please review and pass along any ideas or trends you have seen to Mandy (mandy@wcfevents.com) at 773.486.7416.
One of the best parts of my job is meeting with new clients. I love getting to know new families and finding out about their kids as we begin planning an incredibly special Bar or Bat Mitzvah. So often, clients will ask me for new and fun ways to add something unique to their event. Here are some of my favorites that we are seeing added to events in 2019:

Mad Science Party
Cotton Candy

Step aside cupcakes and cake pops… 2019 is the year of cotton candy! More and more clients are requesting an interactive dessert idea as opposed to a traditional sweet table, and cotton candy is the perfect option! I love working with companies these days who are able to offer really unique flavor options like Salted Caramel and Mexican Hot Chocolate (along with the traditional flavors of course). Guests of all ages love watching their yummy cotton candy being spun on site – truly a crowd pleaser!

Digital Photo Booth with a Social Media Twist
Digital Photo Booth with a Social Media Twist

Everyone loves a good photo booth, but you know what I love even more? A Digital Photo Booth linked live to email, Facebook and Instagram! Imagine a giant iPad the size of a flat screen TV taking photos at your event. Now imagine being able to digitally add graffiti, fun accessories and even a few celebrities to your photos! Clients are going crazy for this new twist on the incredibly popular photo booth. The best part – photos are emailed directly to your email of choice and if desired, uploaded to Facebook and Instagram! Imagine a live feed of your entire night for all to see – paparazzi, eat your heart out!

Scavenger Hunt
Mitzvah Impossible Scavenger Hunt

It started out as something we customized for a client many years ago. The child didn’t want a traditional DJ party, and the Mom was seeking something engaging. We took it from there and our Mitzvah Impossible Scavenger Hunt was born. It was such a hit that many events later, the Mitzvah Impossible is now one of our most requested options. The event takes place on Michigan Avenue but upon request, select suburban locations are available for customized hunts. Whether ending with a casual lunch reception or a full blown dinner dance party, it is a fantastic option for something special and different!

Scavenger Hunt
Charitable Giving Mitzvah Project

Adding a charitable giving mitzvah project to your event has been popular for many years but it continues to be one of the most requested additions to Mitzvah events. Teaching our children the value of giving remains a true priority for families and there are many exciting options available. Whether your focus is to give back to your local community or the troops overseas, the sky is the limit on how many people and organizations you are able to touch. Best of all, you are not only teaching your children a valuable lesson about giving at a young age, you are creating a tremendous sense of fulfillment and lasting value for everyone attending your event while having a great time – the perfect combination.

Contact Mandy Giba (mandy@wcfevents.com) at 773.486.7416 for more information on Mitzvah trends and visit WCF online at WindyCityFieldhouse.com/barmitzvahs for some great ideas.

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