Team Building for A Cause

Looking to boost morale and motivate your employees? How about giving back at the same event by adding a charitable component to your Team ChallengeBuilding Event? WCF’s Team Building for a Cause is a fun and interactive event designed to boost morale and build relationships while increasing employee engagement with the addition of a charitable twist to your event. Now you are able to also give back at the same time to the local community, food pantries, schools or military families and personnel. WCF works with you to select a charity of your choice and design the event to achieve your charitable mission. If desired, WCF themes the event around the holidays or a theme of your choice. A recent Team Building for a Cause supported the troops overseas by creating care packages at the event. WCF coordinated with a local charity to quickly ship these packages to military personnel on active duty abroad for a well needed surprise. Whether it is helping your local community celebrate the holidays, help kids start off the school year with all their supplies or supporting our troops abroad, the Team Building for a Cause is a great program designed to give back while adding value to your team.

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Media/Event Benefits/ROI

  • Enhance teamwork, group problem solving and communication skills
  • Demonstrate the importance of effective strategic planning and strategy
  • Provide an opportunity for employees to participate in a charitable activity

For more information on this program, please submit a proposal online or call WCF at 773.486.7403

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