Architectural Scavenger Hunt

The Architectural Scavenger Hunt allows teams to learn more about the Windy City while seeing it firsthand. This event provides an excellent opportunity for people to experience up to five historical landmarks and architectural marvels that the city of Chicago is known for around the country in addition to the classic “Mission Impossible” Scavenger Hunt and Great “Amazing Race” Chicago Destinations.

More Pictures of WCF’s Architectural Scavenger Hunt

Architectural Scavenger

Media/Event Benefits/ROI

  • Experience the sights and sounds of popular destinations as you race throughout Chicago, such as downtown Chicago, Wrigleyville, Chinatown and more. National locations available upon request.
  • Build goodwill and generate loyalty between the company and employees
  • Build relationships amongst various levels of employees

For more information on this program, please submit a proposal online or call WCF at 773.486.7403

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