Will Summer 2022 be the True Revival of In-Person Events?

The snow is melting and temperatures are warming up. As Chicago begins to feel winter shifting into spring, we are also feeling a change in the Covid climate. Numbers are decreasing steadily, mask and vaccination mandates are being lifted and the city just announced that all summer street fests are officially back with no capacity limits or restrictions. All signs are pointing to a spring and summer revival of in-person events. 

You’re probably asking yourself, “Can this be real?” Yes! Based on the high number of inquiries already received, we are predicting a full return to in-person events of all kinds. Many companies are excitedly planning in-person team building events for their employees. With work from home and hybrid work schedules, some employees haven’t been together in-person for a year or more! Because of this, companies are realizing just how crucial it is to reunite everyone with a team building event to emphasize how great it is to be working together again. 

And just wait for summer! This year every company is going to host their summer outing. Annual events will be back along with the groups that typically only celebrate every other year. Similar to the massive influx of weddings in 2022, we are expecting to host the most summer events ever this summer. Whether you celebrate with a family picnic or an employee only rooftop happy hour, don’t miss out on celebrating like everyone else as dates are filling fast!

We anticipate this spring and summer to be the closest thing we’ve seen to normalcy in a long time. Call Murrel (773-486-7403 murrel@wcfevents.com) to start planning your next in-person event!

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