Let’s Cut the Cake

How Team Building Programs Help Enact Change and Eliminate the Day to Day Doldrums at Work
By:  Kimberly S. Kreml, CMP University Center of Lake County and Murrel Karsh, president at Windy City Fieldhouse

You awaken every weekday.  For most of us, your morning routine is probably the same.  You travel to the same office via the same route.  You sit at the same desk.  You sip from the same cup of coffee.  You start the day at about the same time and go home at approximately the same hour.  You interact with the same people.  Most of the work is repetitious.  At the end of the day you go home and repeat the process tomorrow.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Day in and day out, the work gets done, the phone calls get answered, the days blend into weeks, into months, into years.

What would it be like if something changed…something improved…and you were a part of the change?

Have you ever noticed that even a very minor change can make a major difference?  When was the last time you were encouraged to “think outside the box?”  Given the opportunity to voice your opinion?  (Other than to co-workers in a rant).  Contribute to a project?  When was the last time your boss asked you “What do you think?”  Probably doesn’t happen very often.

Have you ever had the power go out at work?  We probably all have.  You’re suddenly plunged into semi darkness – and heaven forbid NO COMPUTER!  What do you do?  You’re forced to alter your routine.  Think outside the box.

How are you going to tap that resource?   How are you going to get inside people’s heads?   Find out what THEY would do differently.   What they would change.

It’s time for a change.  Time to solve a problem, identify some cost cutting strategies, resolve a conflict – either internally or externally, solve a business challenge, prepare for a move.  Time to boost morale, make the company better, make your people happier.  Time to make your staff happy to drive to work along the same route – happy to sit at the same desk, drink from the same coffee cup, do the same tedious chores day after day.  Happy to make a difference.  Proud of their employer.

Let’s build that team.

Every company and every staff could use some improvement.  One of the most common requests is the need to boost team morale.  It has always been seen as the “Holy Grail of Management”.  What if you included an afternoon of team building at your next meeting?  Maybe something off-site and not at your office where you are constantly interrupted?  What if the activity was outdoors?  What if it included entertainment?  Cocktails?  What kind of a treat would that be for your staff?  How many people would they tell this story to?  How energized will they be at the end of THIS day?  The routine may not seem as routine tomorrow because yesterday was different.

This is not a one-size fits all solution.  Team building is different for every team.  Is your team young and energetic or mostly seasoned professionals?  I wouldn’t send a group of 50+ managers to do rock climbing.  And I wouldn’t send a group of entry level staffers to play bingo.  Do you want to build your team AND raise money for a local charity?  There are many different options but in all cases, an afternoon of working as a team energizes your employees.  They have a sense of participation – of involvement.  They will walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement about what they do day in and day out.  How great would that be?  For a small cost, wouldn’t that be worth it?  To see them vested in your mission – from the part time receptionist to the CEO.

Time to re-focus.  Time to pay them back for all of their hard work and dedication.

Time to build that team.  Time to make the day in and day out not so routine anymore.

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