Event Planning During Social Distancing – Plan to Reunite the Team

Right now your team might look a little different. With social distancing being the new norm, employees are working from home, creating a literal disconnect amongst teams. People are actually looking forward to getting back into the office. Companies often struggle with keeping morale high and motivating their people in these unique and challenging work environments. WCF Events has simple solutions for this situation. 

In addition to offering Virtual Team Building Events, we also suggest planning ahead for the days when you are back in the office with your teams again and able to reunite with them. We feel it is very important to stay positive and look to the future. Even if that just means getting ideas and quotes ready for when you return to the office, we are here to help! This unique work environment comes along with some unwanted down time. Why not use this extra time to plan ahead to summer, fall and even the holidays? Plus once we do get back into the office, we are guessing things will be a little hectic and you can focus on what is important because you already have a big to do complete – your Post Pandemic Party is planned!  

Some companies are planning to celebrate being reunited with a Summer Picnic. The summer season is a great time to get your employees outside in the fresh air especially after being cooped up in their homes for so long. There is plenty of space at a company picnic for people to spread out with lots of different activities and entertainment options. Plan a softball tournament, and even start picking  your teams now to get employees excited about competing. Or simply give employees a reward to look forward to by planning a day of Craft Beer and BBQ as a thank you to the entire team. 

Looking beyond summer we have Fall Events and everyone loves Fall! So, plan a Fall Festival for your employees. Your staff will enjoy caramel apples, hot cider, pumpkin carving and costume contests. Add a Scavenger Hunt or Charitable Event to the beginning of your Fall Festival to boost camaraderie and teamwork among your employees when they need it most!

The annual Holiday Party is precisely what your team needs to commemorate a job well done after working together to get through this national crisis. Start planning now to lock in the perfect venue and nail down all the details. When things are hard, it is good to remember that there are still people that need your help. Plan a Secret Santa Scavenger Hunt and help give back to a local family in need and end the year on an extra positive note.

While you are practicing social distancing, use your time wisely to prepare for when your team comes back together. WCF Events is here to assist with anything you need while we are all working remotely. Call Murrel Karsh at 773-486-7403 or email murrel@wcfevents.com to get started.

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