The Best Celebrations Happen When You Plan Your Company Holiday Party Early


We know what you’re thinking. It’s not even Labor Day, and here we are talking about planning a company holiday party. Yes, it’s true the thermometer hasn’t dipped below 70 degrees and pumpkin spice lattes aren’t even on the menu, but there are some very good reasons why summer is the best time to let the planning begin.

Here are a few that will matter to you:

They Want That Venue, Too

You know that really hot venue with the prime location and best views of the city? Everyone else wants their holiday party there, too. But as a company that’s been planning these kinds of parties for decades, we know the selection is best in summer. While all the other companies are coming back from vacation, you can be first in line for the most popular spots, not to mention utilizing WCF’s Rolodex of partner venues to your advantage!

Limited Dates

When you think about planning a company holiday party, you’re likely looking at a select few dates in November or December. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of flexibility, especially if you’re planning it on the weekend (there are only so many, after all). By getting a jump start on your party plans now, you’ll have more choices when it comes to the day and time that works best for your team.

Greater Entertainment Options

Interactive game nights, one-of-a-kind dining experiences, scavenger hunts…these are just some of the ways you can make your work holiday party exciting and different. Our exclusive partnerships with some of the hottest venues and entertainment around the city and suburbs can help you take advantage of every opportunity. Getting ahead of the game by organizing your holiday party now means you’ll have more choices to make your event an incredible celebration.

Jump Start Your Holiday Party Planning

We have tons of inspiration and ideas for interactive holiday parties that you can customize for your team. Check it out now before everyone else beats you to it!

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