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3 Steps to a Stress-free Kid’s Birthday Party

If you have ever hosted a kid’s birthday party in your own home, then you don’t need us to tell you the stress levels are not exactly celebratory.

Whatever happened to actually enjoying our children’s birthdays rather than experiencing the anxiety that comes with weeks or months of party planning?

The key to a stress-free kid’s birthday party is balance, which can be achieved by taking the following steps:

  • Be realistic about size. If you live in a two-bedroom city apartment, then inviting 30 children to a birthday party is going to feel like 300. Even if you have outdoor space to work with, you have to consider the possibility of bad weather and alternate plans. Figure out a way that you can send out fewer invites, or plan separate, smaller parties so everyone can attend.  If space is not an issue, you still have to consider the amount of work it takes to entertain a large number of guests, especially if the parents are sticking around.
  • Be thoughtful about pre- and post-party tasks. When you are hosting a kid’s birthday party in your home, the amount of time and energy it takes to set up and clean up can be downright overwhelming. From cleaning the house to putting up decorations, picking out the food and games and party favors, there are enough tasks to make party planning your new full-time job. Instead of putting all of this on your own shoulders, why not ask your family and friends for some help. If it’s affordable, hire a cleaning service to make your home presentable and a caterer to help with the menu.
  • Be open to going outside the home. Reducing the size of your party and delegating tasks to others can help reduce stress levels, but it doesn’t compare to hosting the event at another location like WCF. The big bonuses here are no set up or clean up on your part, likely more room for all of the guests you want to invite, and some kind of entertainment to keep the kiddos in good spirits. In many cases, the food and cake can be coordinated through the venue. Essentially, all you have to do is show up and enjoy.

While hosting a child’s birthday celebration in your home is a wonderful notion, the amount of stress that comes with it can impact even the best intentions. Take these steps when planning the next birthday party, so you can spend more of your time taking in these special milestones.

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