Lil Dribblers

Children are introduced to the game of basketball in a safe, fun and exciting environment. Our curriculum uses age appropriate activities and games specifically designed to increase balance, body awareness, motor skills and hand eye coordination. These factors are important in the overall development of children. The Lil’ Dribblers program includes exclusively designed equipment tailored to enhance the basketball experience for each participant. The program challenges children to develop new cognitive, physical and social skills. In addition each child will experience social interaction with both children and adults in a fun environment. As children progress through the program, they acquire listening skills and have a fun introduction to following directions. These skills will benefit your child on the court, in the classroom but most importantly throughout their life! Boys and Girls (Ages 2-5).

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Juniors: 2-3 Year Olds (Adult participation is required)
Fall Classes: August 31-October 31
  • Section 1: Tuesday 9:45-10:30AM $205
  • Section 2: Tuesday 3:45-4:30PM $225
  • Section 3: Thursday 9:45-10:30AM $205
  • Section 4: Friday 10:30-11:15AM $205
  • Section 5: Saturday 9:00-9:45PM $205* (No Class 9/5)
  • Section 6: Saturday 9:55-10:40AM $205* (No Class 9/5)
Pros: 3-5 Year Olds
Fall Classes: August 31-October 31
  • Section 1: Tuesday 9:45-10:30AM $205
  • Section 2: Tuesday 4:40-5:25PM $225
  • Section 3: Wednesday 5:15-6:00PM $225
  • Section 4: Thursday 9:45-10:30AM $205
  • Section 5: Friday 3:45-4:30PM $225
  • Section 6: Saturday 9:00-9:45AM $205* (No Class 9/5)
  • Section 7: Saturday 9:55-10:40AM $205* (No Class 9/5)
Note: Some age divisions may be combined if there is low enrollment in a particular section.
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