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Corporate Social Responsibility “Double Goal” Events for a Cause

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to find its way into the team building goals of event planners.  Planners not only want to improve moral and communication at events but also give back to a charity.  The key is developing programs that effectively accomplish both goals.  All too often, a CSR focused event either does well on the team building agenda and falls short on the charitable goal or visa-versa.  WCF listened to its clients and led the trend in the industry to develop programs that combine award-winning team building programs with charitable giving to make sure both goals are met – WCF’s “Double Goal” Events for a Cause

Events for a Cause are a perfect way to combine your team building goals with your charitable mission.  Whether you have a charity linked to your company’s charitable mission or you would like WCF to select a cause for you, WCF matches your charitable goals and objectives with its existing programs to deliver an incredible sense of team unity and lasting value to your organization well after the event is over.

“Research has shown that companies involved in employee volunteerism and charitable giving benefit from the feel-good factor associated with these activities… PriceWaterhouseCoopers reported that 88% of Millenials are attracted to companies with distinct Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, and 86% said they might leave their employer if the CSR no longer met their expectations.” “Team-Building that Creates Collegiality and Philanthropic Goodwill”.
Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Here are just a few examples of “Double Goal” Events for a Cause executed by WCF:

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