Team Challenge Programs

TB Award

Event Benefits / ROI

  • Provide a highly engaging, interactive and entertaining event for employees
  • Enhance teamwork, group problem solving and communication skills
  • Demonstrate the importance of effective strategic planning and strategy
  • Build relationships amongst various levels of employees

Seasonally Themed Challenges

Turn your next Team Challenge into a seasonally themed event with activities designed around the season of your choice: Fall, July 4th, Christmas and more! Team building activities are tailored to the theme of the season - a great way to add a seasonal twist to your next event.

Event Summary

WCF Team Building programs are highly engaging and entertaining events that are designed to enhance teamwork and communication, build relationships, improve group problem solving skills and develop strategic planning capabilities.  While the Team Challenge provides tangible and specific business benefits, many clients use the Team Challenge simply for the purpose of having a fun and competitive event.

The event begins after the group is broken into teams of approximately 10-15 people.  Two teams compete head-to-head at each station with each team actively engaged at all times.  Teams rotate through five to eight different activities selected from a multitude of programs customized to meet your unique mission and objectives.  Typically, events utilize non-physical activities unless desired.  The group that works most effectively as a team wins the competition.  The Team Challenge takes place indoors or outdoors at virtually any location in the city or suburbs and upon request, anywhere in the country.

More Great Team Building Ideas! (PDF)

Previous Clients 

Previous clients include the CEOs and Presidents from a number of Fortune 500 companies, sales teams, companywide groups, new hires, interns and virtually every other group within a large or small company.  Event sizes range from as small as four people to as large as 1,000. 

  • Caterpillar             
  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • PepsiCo
  • CDW
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Pfizer


Mouse Trap Race car


Mousetrap Race Car Challenge

Windy City Fieldhouse Mousetrap Race Car event provides a customized experience requiring team members to use communication, creativity and teamwork to design and build a Mousetrap Race Car. Each car is used to compete in a distance competition at the end of the event to crown an overall champion.

To learn more about our Mousetrap Race Car Challenge Click Here!


Cake Boss "Let’s Cut the Cake" Challenge

“Cake Boss” Meets the WCF Team Challenge – A Recipe for Success!

With the flare and excitement of the show “Cake Boss” and the award-winning WCF Team Challenge combined into one event, WCF created the perfect event focused on communication, creativity and thinking outside the box. 

Teams work together to design a cake while completing challenges and trivia to acquire additional supplies needed to enhance their cake masterpiece.  The group is first divided into equal teams following a brief orientation.  Teams are given two hours to complete a design based on the goals and objectives set by the client.  Throughout the design event, teams must complete challenges and trivia to acquire additional decorating supplies to enhance their designs.  Designs are judged not only on appearance but their ability to convey the corporate message communicated to the teams at the beginning of the challenge.  Successful teamwork, creativity and time management tend to bring home the winning designs!  Once all the designs are complete, each team makes a presentation to prove why their masterpiece takes the cake!   

Laser Tag Challenge

Combine WCF's Award-Winning Team Challenge with its NEW LASER TAG Challenge.  Add a little competative twist to one of your Team Challenge stations with a Laser Tag Battle.  WCF sets up a battleground with various tents and obstacles where teams of 5-10 are able to compete to see who has the best battle strategy.  Add games such as capture the flag to spice up the competition as well.  Best of all, Laser Tag and the WCF Team Challenge are available at any location with the battle coming to any event venue whether it is at WCF or at a location of your choice.

"Gauntlet" Challenge 

The “Gauntlet” Challenge provides a non-stop and action-packed team building event guaranteed to energize and excite your employees.  A combination of WCF’s award-winning Team Challenge, fun-filled trivia and a non-stop, timed and competitive format creates an atmosphere designed to build camaraderie and enhance relationships amongst employees.

The group is first given an orientation previewing the activities and goals for the day.  Teams are then assigned to one of four stations, each team having a different starting point.  Teams compete to finish a variety of challenges as quickly as possible.  Each challenge starts with several questions from a brief trivia packet that must be correctly answered before beginning the challenge.  Times are kept for the individual challenges and also the overall time to complete the “Gauntlet”, with the fastest times rewarded with the most points.  The team with the most points wins the “Gauntlet” Challenge with everyone walking away with a heightened sense of camaraderie and team morale.

Read more on the "Gauntlet" Challenge. 


Leadership Challenge

With CEO's all over the country committing over 50% of their valuable time devoted to developing their people into leaders, many clients are turning their event focus towards leadership development.  WCF has created a Leadership Challenge to provide a fun and entertaining setting to highlight important leadership qualities through group team building activities.  In some cases, clients have used these sessions as an opportunity to informally observe and evaluate the leadership ability of their employees to help identify future leaders.  Clearly, a 2 to 4 hour team building program won't identify the next Bill Gates for your company but it will provide an entertaining setting to enable employees to see the importance of key leadership traits.  The event ends with a deep skills debriefing to highlight findings from the days activities with a focus on leadership qualities and development.

Whether it is a group of vice presidents or new hires, WCF's Leadership Challenge is customized to provide a fun and engaging setting for the current and future leaders within your company to identify and develop key leadership skills.


Grand Prix

Grand Prix Challenge

WCF creates, organizes and leads your group on an exciting and creative Grand Prix Race. Groups first collaborate to prepare their car for the big race by building and decorating a pit area and deciding on a car name, team name and fight song. Each team member must also practice driving the car. The excitement builds for the Grand Prix Race where team members need to work together for their car to be victorious. After each team member drives the designated laps, the car is brought into the pit area. The team must complete a quick team building relay before driving their car back on the race track to complete the final laps. The team with the fastest car wins but everyone goes back to the office with improved teamwork and increased employee morale.

Team Building "Development Day"

Get your faculty on the same page for the new school year!

Want to enhance teamwork and communication in an interactive and fun environment? Need to establish a new direction within your district or school? Looking to take advantage of your "Development Day" grant money with a highly engaging and entertaining outing guaranteed to return tremendous value to your administrators, teachers and ultimately, the students?  Choose WCF’s Team Challenge specially designed for Administrators and Teachers!

  • Great way to start the year off right!  Get everyone on the same page and ready to make this school your best yet!
  • Introduce your new teachers to the rest of the faculty - a great ice breaker!
  • With different perspectives from teachers of varying experience levels, we provide them with the tools to learn from each other.
  • Focus on the importance of communication between faculty members year round.
  • The meaning om TEAM!  If one teacher's class is falling behind, it impacts the whole school.  Teachers need to help each other and share what works - one school = one team!

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