WCF Corporate Events Partners with JB Training Solutions

JB Training Solutions

WCF Corporate Events partners with JB Training Solutions, a company dedicated to providing interactive and dynamic workshops to help employees succeed in the workplace.  These training programs are the perfect complement to a WCF Corporate Events outing.

JB Training Solutions has been featured on CNN and CNBC and in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.  Workshops include:

  • Managing To Lead: A Manager’s Guide to Success
  • “Dude, What’s My Job?”  Managing Millennials in Today’s Workforce 
  • Commanding the Room: Powerful Communication for Every Occasion
  • Making the Connection: Diversity at Work
  • The Good, Bad, & Ugly: Giving and Receiving Feedback 

All workshops are customized to fit the needs of the company to provide targeted training for your team.
If you are interested in learning more about a JB Training Solutions workshop, please contact your WCF sales representative for more information on JB Training Solutions.

- Murrel Karsh                 773.486.7403
- Alexa Wierzbinski          773.486.7436         
- Shuva Brodley               773.537.7523
- David Jackson               773.537.7524