“Meeting Energizer” Program

TB Award

Event Benefits / ROI

  • Provides instant value and entertainment to a meeting with minimal cost
  • Customized to fit into any schedule or agenda
  • Enhances communication and promotes teamwork between employees

Meeting Energizer

Event Summary

Windy City Fieldhouse “Meeting Energizer” programs are a great way to add tremendous value to your meeting when there is not enough time or budget during the meeting to add a full team building option. The “Meeting Energizer” keeps creative juices flowing, enhances communication and teamwork and helps breakdown barriers – all within the same meeting room and at a reasonable price. 

“Meeting Energizer” programs involve customized activities encouraging participants to work together at their table in mini-groups to complete mental challenges and compete against other groups to reach the final championship round.  The program is executed in 60-90 minutes and takes place during a meal or at the beginning, middle or end of your meeting.  Guaranteed to energize and enhance your next meeting!

More Great Team Building Ideas! (PDF) 

Previous Clients

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