Great “Amazing Race” Chicago

TB Award

Event Benefits / ROI

  • Enhance communication and teamwork between employees
  • Enhance employee morale and camaraderie
  • Experience the sights and sounds of popular destinations as you race throughout Chicago, such as downtown Chicago, Wrigleyville, Chinatown and more. 
    National locations available upon request.
  • Newly redesigned with all new missions, destinations and high-tech add-ons

Event Summary

Want your employees to engage in interactive competition while enjoying the outdoors?  Want to provide your visiting or out of town employees an in depth look into the great city of Chicago?  WCF’s Great “Amazing Race” Chicago is the perfect solution.  Take your group on a thrilling 3 to 5 hour race all over Chicago from the Magnificent Mile to Lincoln Park, Wrigley Field, the Loop and more – all while experiencing the unbeatable sights and sounds of the city.  In addition, take advantage of all the benefits resulting from this event – enhanced relationships, improved morale, lasting camaraderie and goodwill.

Teams are given a packet of clues for each destination and “Race Guides” to assist each team.  Each “Race Guide” is a critical component leading to the success of the event.  With a “Race Guide” assigned to keep people focused and answer questions, WCF is able to create a significantly more sophisticated and challenging event.  “Race Guides” provide clues and missions, take photos for the group and assist the group throughout the event.

Towards the end of the event the teams are provided a final destination clue in order to reach a secret destination by the posted deadline.  Whether the event begins at your office or a special location, WCF caters to the specific needs of your group, customizing any package to fit your objectives. 

Conclude with cocktails or dinner at the restaurant of your choice and give your group a true Chicago experience.  A fast paced, energizing and fun event guaranteed to add lasting value to your team.

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Previous Clients

  • Discover Financial          
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Knightsbridge
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • The Lending Center

high tech scavenger hunt

eHunt - High Tech
Great "Amazing Race"

Technology takes over WCF’s award-winning Great "Amazing Race". Let the iPad help your team stay organized, view the live online scoreboard, chat live with other teams (and sabotage them too!). The perfect combination of competition, teamwork and technology!

To learn more about the eHunt Great "Amazing Race" Click Here!

Olympic Themed
Great "Amazing Race" Chicago

Travel all around the world without ever leaving Chicago with the Olympic Themed “Great Amazing Race” Chicago.  New destinations and trivia are focused around the Olympics with a goal to discover as many locations as possible in the time allowed that best represent the countries and sports of the 2012 Olympic Games.  A great day “traveling the world” and celebrating one of this summer’s greatest world events.

Amazing Race & BBQ

Immediately follow the Great "Amazing Race" Chicago outlined above with the Interactive BBQ offering great food and casual activities.  The energy from the Great "Amazing Race" Chicago creates an incredibly loose and open atmosphere for employees to mix and mingle outside their usual office cliques.  The Interactive BBQ provides a perfect ending to allow employees to enhance and build relationships.  Read more about the Interactive BBQ .


Seasonal AR

Seasonally Themed Race

Turn your next Amazing Race into a seasonally themed event with missions & destinations designed around the season of your choice: Fall, July 4th, Christmas and more!  Clues and missions are tailored to find unique seasonal destinations and drink missions.  A great way to add a seasonal twist to your next event.