“Design, Build & Sell”
Construction Challenge

TB Award  

 Event Benefits / ROI

  • Enhance employee morale, camaraderie and goodwill
  • Demonstrate the importance of communication on reaching strategic goals
  • Breakdown barriers amongst various levels of employees

Design Build Sell
Event Summary

In the “Design, Build & Sell” Construction Challenge teams are required to use strategy, creativity, communication and teamwork to create a model structure such as the world headquarters for your company, a new product for your company or a dream luxury home.  The group is first divided into equal “construction companies” and assigned a WCF “foreman” who explains the rules, answers questions and monitors the company’s progress.  The premise of the event is that each company is given the opportunity to bid on the construction of the model.  The goal is for each team to design, build and sell its concept to the panel of WCF judges.

The judges then rate each company on creativity, quality of construction, sales presentation and ability to stay within budget.  Once the presentations are complete, the judges award the contract to the company who receives the highest score.  A celebratory cocktail reception follows to continue building relationships and boosting company morale. 

More Great Team Building Ideas! (PDF)

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