Summer Intern Program

TB Award

Event Benefits / ROI

  • Provide a highly engaging, interactive and entertaining event for summer intern and associates
  • Enhance teamwork, group problem solving and communication skills
  • Demonstrate the importance of effective strategic planning and strategy

    New Hire Program

Event Summary

WCF Team Building programs are highly engaging
and entertaining events that are designed to
enhance teamwork and communication, build
relationships, improve group problem solving
skills and develop strategic planning
capabilities.  While the Summer Intern
Program provides tangible and specific
business benefits, many clients use the Summer
Intern Program simply for the purpose of
having a fun and competitive event.

The event begins after the group is broken
into teams of approximately 10-15 people.  Two
teams compete head-to-head at each station with
each team actively engaged at all times.  Teams
rotate through five to eight different
activities selected from a multitude of
programs customized to meet your unique mission
and objectives.  Typically, events utilize
non-physical activities unless desired.  The
group that works most effectively as a team
wins the competition.  The Summer Intern
Program takes place indoors or outdoors at
virtually any location in the city or suburbs
and upon request, anywhere in the country.

More Great Summer Outing Ideas! (PDF)

Previous Clients

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