Other Fun and Innovative Programs

"Beat the Clock" Event

Wet Balloono, Catapulting Spoons, Get the Wiggles Out, Catch Your Marbles, Circling Head.  Sounds fun, right?  WCF's twist to the popular game show "Minute to Win It" brings action-packed fun and excitement to your next event.  Choose from WCF's extensive list of "Beat the Clock" games customized for individual or team competition.   Whether you're looking to add a few activities to your already planned event or plan an entire event based on these games, "Beat the Clock" is guaranteed fun for all.   Find out why "Beat the Clock" has become one of WCF's most popular event add-ons, but hurry...or you'll run out of time!

Company Networking Baggo Tournament

Bring your company together for a fantastic event designed to allow employees to mix and mingle amidst a little light-hearted competition.  Face off against your co-workers or challenge other departments and spend some time getting to know one another as you play in a fun-spirited indoor or outdoor baggo tournament. 

Corporate Dodgeball Tournament

Looking for a fun, exciting way to get your employees interacting and breaking down barriers?  WCF creates a fun-spirited dodgeball tournament that brings employees and/or clients together for a fun night of camaraderie and networking.  An interactive lounge area for watching the games can also be provided where music, drinks and food keep attendees having fun throughout the event.  This event is the perfect way to get employees and clients together for a night of ducking, dipping, diving and dodging! 



Dance If You Have a Chance

Looking for a “twist” on team building to get co-workers interacting and having fun?  WCF’s NEW “Dance If You Have a Chance” event combines fun activities from the hit TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Get teams together to work on a their own choreographed dance routine, providing fun and entertainment for all.  Whether you're looking to add a few activities to your already planned event or plan an entire event based on this popular and entertaining show, "Dance If You Have a Chance" is guaranteed fun for all.


Evening at the Races

Step right up and place your bets with this fun-filled event for you and your co-workers!  WCF plans an exciting "Evening at the Races" complete with race programs, thrilling races, betting lines with proceeds going to your designated charity and more.  The perfect way to get your team together and enjoy a night at the track. 

Outdoor Olympics/Sports Tournaments

  • Single or multi-sport team tournament
  • Many possible events available such as: volleyball, basketball, wiffle ball, softball
  • Full or half-day
  • Provide your group with great networking opportunities while having an unforgettable day


 Lakefront BBQ

  • Provide a highly engaging and entertaining event that creates lasting memories 
  • Various activities such as baggo and volleyball are available.
  • WCF effectively manages the planning and execution of the Lakefront BBQ (including site selection, permit acquisition, event itinerary, catering, transportation, etc.) to ensure the event is a tremendous success.


 Fun Runs/Walks

  • Impress guests with a customized private race (walk/run) for any distance (5K/10K/15K) at any desired location including Chicago’s lakefront.
  • Package includes maps, prizes, starting gates, permits, etc.

Block Parties

  • From corporations to neighborhood communities, WCF can manage an enormously engaging block party to include live music, children’s program, interactive entertainment, food and beverage.

Team Cooking/Cook-offs

  • Teams work together to create a feast for the whole group or compete to prepare the best Chili, Ribs, Chicken Wings, Salsa, etc.
  • Cookie or cake baking and decorating contests allow all participants to take home desserts at the conclusion of the event.
  • Grilling demonstrations and tips can be given by professional chefs at the conclusion of the cooking events.

Murder Mysteries

  • Enjoy an unforgettable night of murder, mystery and mayhem.  Teams work together to obtain and decipher clues in order to solve the mystery.

Board Game Bonanza

  • The Board Game Bonanza is a fast-moving event that combines elements of some of the favorite board games and TV shows of all time.
  • Teams compete at four separate activities that are similar to classic board games and game shows.
  • The teams that earn the most points after four rounds advance to the Grand Finale to determine the overall winner of the competition.
  • Possible activities include: Win, Lose or Draw, Stare, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, Guesstures, Password and Family Feud.

More Great Summer Outing Ideas! (PDF)