Interactive Summer Picnic

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Event Benefits / ROI

  • Build morale, camaraderie and goodwill with employees
  • Enhance relationships amongst employees 
  • Build goodwill with the families of employees 
  • Provide a highly engaging event with numerous entertainment options targeted to a variety of age groups, including 20-30 year olds
  • Provide an event that delivers a significantly higher value than a traditional summer picnic

craft beer

Craft Beer Summer Event Series

Whether you enjoy an IPA, Stout or Pale Ale, WCF has paired up craft beers with great food and fun with its Craft Beer Summer Event Series.

Matching up some of Chicago’s favorite craft beers with WCF’s award-winning team building programs is a great way to celebrate summer, boost morale with your employees and enjoy a great WCF team building program with a little more flavor and fun.  WCF has created the new Craft Beer Summer Event Series combining its award-winning events with some of Chicago’s best local microbrews. These craft beer themed summer events not only celebrate summer but also one of the nation’s oldest and most popular past times – brewing great beer.  Chicago has some of the nation’s best and brightest microbrews from the original Goose Island Beer to some of the newer kids on the block like Revolution Brewing, Two Brothers and more.

Whether you are looking to be outdoors with the Craft Beer BBQ, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city with WCF’s Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race programs with new craft beer missions and destinations or you simply want to spice up your Team Challenge with a craft beer themed picnic or BBQ following your event, contact your sales representative today to find the best summer event option for your company with a craft beer twist.

For more information on transforming your summer event into a trendy Craft Beer Summer Series Event, contact your sales representative today at 773.486.7403 or Request a Proposal

Event Summary

WCF effectively manages the planning and
execution of the picnic (including site selection,
permit acquisition, event itinerary, catering,
transportation, etc.) to ensure the event is a
tremendous success.  WCF provides an
extraordinary summer picnic with electricity in the
air, packed activity areas and a variety of
interactive entertainment for guests of all ages. 
WCF does not merely set up the event, but
instead, actively facilitates the event and activities
to ensure guests have a great time and remain
engaged throughout the entire event.  If guests
are not engaged and merely leave after eating,
the key objectives listed above are not achieved.                           

The entertainment selection is designed to engage
the three key age groups attending the
event - 20-30 somethings without kids, 30-40
somethings with kids and 40-60 somethings with
kids that are not attending.  It is critical to ensure
the activities are designed to target each
age group so that each group feels the
event is designed for them and not just families
with young children.  To ensure each group has
entertainment, WCF divides the entertainment into
four main categories:  “Interactive Relays”,
“Facilitated Traditional Sports”, “Passive or Walkup
Entertainment” and “Entertainment Add-ons”.
Regardless of each attendee’s interests, WCF
provides an array of activities capable of providing
many entertainment options for everyone.  Best
of all, WCF’s expert staff are all hired with
experience in facilitating youth programs and
birthday parties, ensuring the children are well
taken care of throughout the day and parents
are able to mingle and relax at the event.

And if that isn’t enough, if desired, WCF creates a customized website for each client highlighting the event details, location, directions and more. 
Click here to view a sample website.

More Great Summer Outing Ideas! (PDF)

Previous Clients

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"Green" Picnics

As a friendly reminder to our clients...

WCF along with its catering and venue partners continue to improve their recycling efforts to be "green" at all events.  From starch based utensils and plates to bottle and can recycling, WCF hopes to make a difference at its events.

Please join WCF in helping to make a positive difference in the environment.

Thank you.