"Double Goal" Events for a Cause

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Improve your team’s morale and give back to your favorite charity - the perfect combination!

Combine WCF’s award-winning programs with charitable giving.  WCF is able to adapt all of its Summer Picnics & Outings into a charitable
"Double Goal" Event for a Cause
.  Whether you have a charity linked to your company’s charitable mission or you would like WCF to select a cause for you, WCF matches your charitable goals and objectives with its existing programs to deliver an incredible sense of team unity and lasting value to your organization well after the event is over.
Here are just a few examples of programs executed by WCF:

Whether your goal is to give back to your local community, schools, food pantries or military families, adding a charitable twist to your next event adds a tremendous amount of fulfillment and accomplishment to your team.
  Complete a Request for Proposal or contact Murrel (murrel@windycityfieldhouse.com) at 773.486.7403 for more details on the many options available.

More Great Summer Outing Ideas! (PDF)

Previous Clients 

Previous clients include the CEOs and Presidents from a number of Fortune 500 companies, sales teams, companywide groups, new hires, interns and virtually every other group within a large or small company.  Event sizes range from as small as four people to as large as 1,000. 

  • Caterpillar        
  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • PepsiCo
  • CDW
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Pfizer 
Bike Build


Bike Building for a Cause & "Build-A-Friend Stuffed Animals" Programs

WCF creates a Build-A-Bear or Bike Building for a Cause program that helps children in need and adds a charitable twist to your next event.  Teams participate in building bears or bikes for a charity while building relationships and camaraderie amongst employees at the same time – all for a great cause.  Add some fun and charitable giving to your next event  while gaining a great sense accomplishment amongst employees with results that last long after everyone goes back to the office.


Challenge for the Troops

Partnering with a military charity, WCF customizes its award-winning team challenge to create an event focused on giving back to the men and women in our armed forces.  Whether you are looking to send care packages to active duty personnel or focusing on the Veterans at home, WCF designs a program to achieve your charitable mission while enhancing teamwork, communication and goodwill.  Teams work together to score points at each challenge and utilize these points to buy supplies for their care packages including food items, home goods and other gifts recommended by the charity.  Help our military families while building a strong sense of team spirit and goodwill.



"Operation Backpack"

Partnering with a local school or charity, participants compete in team building acitivies to earn school supplies and backpacks for donation.  Help students in need of school supplies and build a new lasting sense of team unity at the same time. 

Team Challenge & BBQ for a Cause

Looking to enjoy a great summer day in Chicago while motivating and energizing your employees? How about giving back at the same event by adding a charitable component to your BBQ? WCF’s Team Challenge & BBQ for a Cause is a fun and interactive event designed to boost morale and build relationships while increasing employee engagement with the addition of a charitable twist to your event. The Team Challenge & BBQ is already the perfect combination of competition and relaxation. Now you are able to also give back at the same time to the local community, food pantries, schools or military families and personnel by adding a charitable component to your event. WCF works with you to select a charity of your choice and design the event to achieve your charitable mission. A recent Team Challenge & BBQ for a Cause supported the troops overseas by creating care packages at the event. WCF coordinated with a local charity to quickly ship these packages to military personnel on active duty abroad for a well needed surprise. Whether it is helping your local community or supporting our troops abroad, the Team Challenge & BBQ for a Cause is a great program designed to give back while adding value to your team.


Mini-Golf Course Design Challenge for Charity

Team members use strategy, creativity and communication to design and create Mini-Golf course holes using materials provided by WCF in partnership with a local food pantry or other charitable organization.  All the canned goods are eventually donated at the end of the event to a local food pantry or charitable organization of your choice.  Teams compete for additional supplies for design and construction throughout the event with a variety of team challenge activities.  Teams play on the course for the low score as the final challenge and earn prizes for the best designs.  Best of all, teams enjoy a fun afternoon together while giving back to the local community.