Fantastic Holiday & 4th Quarter Events

It’s time to reward your employees for all their hard work in 2013 and also take the time to set a clear direction and goals for 2014.

Look no further than WCF’s Fantastic 4th Quarter Events and Holiday Outings including Holiday Programs and Charitable Event Add-ons to make this year’s 4th quarter or holiday outing the best one yet! 

From Night at the Museum Scavenger Hunts and Interactive Holiday Parties to entertainment and charitable event add-ons before, during or after your already planned event, WCF does it all!

Click here for a list of 4th Quarter and Holiday Event Ideas.

For more information on booking your 4th Quarter Event, Holiday Party or Charitable Event Add-On, Visit WCF Online, Request a Proposal or contact your sales representative.

- Murrel Karsh                 773.486.7403
- Alexa Wierzbinski          773.486.7436         
- Shuva Brodley              773.537.7523
- David Jackson               773.537.7524   

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