Spring & Summer Scavenger Hunt and Great “Amazing Race” Programs

Looking for a great way to get your employees out of the office for a fun spring or summer outing?

WCF’s Award-Winning Scavenger Hunt programs are some of the most popular outdoor team building options over the past few years.  From the Great "Amazing Race" Chicago and "Mission Impossible" Scavenger Hunt to the Taste of Windy City and Scavenger Hunts for a Cause,WCF’s Race and Scavenger Hunt Programs elevate team building to a new level of fun by incorporating strategic thinking and planning into an environment designed to entertain and energize your employees.  With many new mission and destination options taking you to fun and exciting locations all over the city, this event is sure to be one your employees will never forget! 

Find out more about WCF’s Race and Scavenger Hunt Programs:
Great "Amazing Race" Chicago
"Mission Impossible" Scavenger Hunt
Taste of Windy City Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunts for a Cause

Request a Proposal or contact your sales representative at 773.486.7403 for more information on any of WCF’s Scavenger Hunt Programs.

- Murrel Karsh                 773.486.7403
- Alexa Wierzbinski          773.486.7436         
- Shuva Brodley              773.537.7523
- David Jackson              773.537.7524    

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