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Fantastic Holiday & 4th Quarter Events

4th Quarter Event Options

WCF has a variety of events customized to fit your unique mission and objectives!  Whether you are looking to thank your employees for working through a difficult year, motivating employees to start 2014 strong or just kick back and celebrate the holiday season, WCF has the answer. 

Choose from a variety of Great 4th Quarter Events:
Night at the Field Museum Scavenger Hunt
"Let’s Cut the Cake" Challenge
Team Challenge
Mini-Golf Course Design Challenge
Casino Night
Great "Amazing Race" Chicago
"Mission Impossible" Scavenger Hunt
"Meeting Energizer" Programs
And More!

Holiday Outings
Holiday Party planning season is here!  It’s time to start planning your Holiday Party or finding entertainment ideas for before, during or after your already planned holiday event.  This year choose one of WCF’s exciting Holiday Programs.  With events and programs to satisfy a wide variety of group sizes and objectives, WCF is sure to provide a holiday outing to fit any need. 

WCF’s Holiday Themed Events Include:
Interactive Holiday Party
Family Holiday Party
Charitable Event Add-Ons such as "Secret Santa" Scavenger Hunt , 
   Bike Building , Operation Backpack and more
Holiday Themed Team Challenge, Great "Amazing Race" Chicago or 
  "Mission Impossible" Scavenger Hunt
Holiday Party Energizer
Holiday Bowling Challenge
And More!

For more information on WCF Holiday and 4th Quarter event ideas, contact your sales representative at 773.486.7403, Request a Proposal or

- Murrel Karsh                       773.486.7403
- Alexa Wierzbinski               773.486.7436        
- Shuva Brodley                    773.537.7523
- David Jackson                    773.537.7524

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