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Holiday Event Ideas & Event Add-Ons for Your Already Booked Event!

Everyone knows it is time to start planning their 2012 holiday party but few look forward to it with great anticipation.  There are so many options, venues and add-on programs that it is hard to figure out where to begin.  This year let WCF help you select the best Holiday program and drop all the unnecessary stress.   With events and programs to satisfy a wide variety of group sizes and objectives, WCF is sure to provide a holiday outing or holiday event add-on to fit any need.

“A WCF Holiday Party is different than most because we put the emphasis on engaging attendees and making sure everyone is having a great time,” says Murrel Karsh, WCF president.  “We strive to make it different than every other boring and stuffy holiday party.   Whether the party is formal or more laid back we have the facility and programs here to accommodate every one of our client’s requests.”

WCF’s Holiday Themed Events Include:

“Thank You to WCF for doing a great job running our holiday party, and with over 1300 people there it was not an easy job!  It was terrific!”

Featured Holiday Event
“Secret Santa” Scavenger Hunt
Partnering with a local charity, participants race throughout Chicago solving clues and purchasing gifts from wish lists received from local families through the charity’s “Secret Santa” Program.  At the end, each team wraps gifts and presents them to representatives of the charity.  Help families in need this season and build a new lasting sense of team unity at the same time.

Charitable Event Add-Ons
Even if your holiday party is already booked, “Double Goal” Events for a Cause can be added to any event - perfect for adding some fun and charitable giving to your traditional holiday party.  Your team gains a great sense of accomplishment together with results that last long after everyone goes back to the office. Whether your goal is to give back to your local community, schools, food pantries or military families, WCF has a variety of events including such programs as Bike Building,  Operation Backpack, Challenge for the Troops, and Charity Scavenger Hunts including themes like Secret Santa, Back to School, and more. 

"Thanks for everything.  The event was a huge success and the main topic at dinner.  Everyone loved finding items for a charity.  It really added value to the whole program.  Thank you. " 
American Academy of Dermatology on their Charity Scavenger Hunt for a Cause

Add on some extra excitement before, during or after your event with some of these great Holiday Party Event Add-on Ideas:

  • Mosaic Mural – a fun and creative activity suitable for any location
  • Great “Amazing Race” Chicago leading to your dinner location
  • Wii Rockband & Other Interactive Games at your party venue
  • Event for a Cause – Charitable giving for the holiday season

For more information on any of WCF’s exciting Holiday Programs and event add-ons, contact your WCF Sales Representative or Request a Proposal .      

 - Murrel Karsh                 773.486.7403
 - Alexa Wierzbinski          773.486.7436          
 - Shuva Brodley               773.537.7523
 - David Jackson               773.537.7524

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