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Fantastic 4th Quarter Event Ideas

Read below for more information on WCF's Hottest New Event - Let's Cut the Cake Challenge!

It’s time to start planning your 4th Quarter Event and Holiday Party.  Here are just a few options available to you this fall and holiday season:

Holiday Outings
Holiday Party planning season is here!  It’s time to start planning your Holiday Party or finding entertainment ideas for before, during or after your already planned holiday event.  This year choose one of WCF’s exciting Holiday Programs.  With events and programs to satisfy a wide variety of group sizes and objectives, WCF is sure to provide a holiday outing to fit any need.  Click here for more Holiday Event Ideas.

“Double Goal” Events for a Cause
Combine WCF’s award winning programs with charitable giving this holiday season.  Let WCF customize an event built around a charitable mission of your choice.  Even if you have already booked your Holiday Event and want to add a charitable component, let WCF come to your Holiday Party location and help attendees build bikes, bears and other toys for families this holiday season.

Here are just a few examples of “Double Goal” Events for a Cause executed by WCF:

Other 4th Quarter Event Options
WCF has a variety of events customized to fit your unique mission and objectives!  Whether you are looking to thank your employees for working through a difficult year, motivating employees to start 2013 strong or just kick back and celebrate the holiday season, WCF has the answer.  Choose from a variety of Great 4th Quarter Events designed to create a memorable and exceptional experience.

For more information on WCF 4th Quarter event ideas, contact your WCF representative or Request a Proposal.     

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Let’s Cut the Cake –  “Cake Boss” Meets the Team Challenge

Earlier this year, WCF introduced “Let’s Cut the Cake” Challenge – combining the flare and excitement of the show "Cake Boss” with the award-winning WCF team challenge into one event.  It has quickly become one of WCF’s hottest new events.  Whether you have a small or large group, WCF has created the event with the perfect mix of communication, creativity and the old goal of “thinking outside the box”.

“WCF specializes in focusing on its client’s needs to recommend a specific event or, if required, create a new program that exceeds expectations,” says Murrel Karsh.  “The end result is an event like the “Let’s Cut the Cake” Challenge.  Our clients love the energy that results from the competition and in turn, the major boost in goodwill and productivity back at the office after the event.

Teams work together to design a cake while completing challenges and trivia to acquire additional supplies needed to enhance their cake masterpiece.  With specific goals and objectives set by the client, designs are judged not only on appearance but their ability to convey the corporate message communicated to the teams at the beginning of the challenge.  Successful teamwork, creativity and time management tend to bring home the winning designs.  Once all the designs are complete, each team makes a presentation to prove why their masterpiece takes the cake! 

For more information on WCF’s newest creative team building program, visit WCF online, contact your sales representative today or Request a Proposal .

 - Murrel Karsh                 773.486.7403
 - Alexa Wierzbinski          773.486.7436          
 - Shuva Brodley               773.537.7523 
 - David Jackson                773.537.7524

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