Holiday Party Energizer

TB Award

Holiday Energizer

Event Benefits / ROI

  • Provides instant value and entertainment to a holiday party with minimal cost
  • Customized to fit into any schedule or agenda
  • Enhances communication and promotes teamwork between employees

Event Summary

Windy City Fieldhouse “Holiday Party Energizer” programs are a great way to add tremendous value to your holiday event when there is not enough budget or time during the event to add a full interactive reception.  The “Holiday Party Energizer” takes place in the same room as your holiday dinner or reception, and it is executed in its entirety at the beginning, middle or end of the event. 

“Holiday Party Energizer” programs involve customized activities encouraging participants to work together at their table in mini-groups to complete mental challenges and compete against other groups to reach the final championship round.  These activities are themed around the holidays at the client’s request.  Guaranteed to energize and enhance your next holiday party!

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Previous Clients

  • TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.         
  • Goose Island Beer Co.