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Top Field Trip Trends for 2014

In addition to executing team building events for school teachers and administrators, WCF has seen a large increase in Field Trips for school groups of all ages.  With a record setting 2013 season, Field Trips are becoming a very popular option for schools looking to give the kids some fun activities, build some school camaraderie and in some cases, get a chance to see the sights of Chicago.  Below are just a few of the top trends in Field Trips going into 2014.

  1. Teambuilding for All Ages!
    While team building activities used to be mainly for adults, high school students were quick to catch up!  In today’s world of anti-bullying campaigns and a push towards new friendships for younger children, team building programs are being adapted to fit the needs of any and all age demographics.

  2. Healthy Eating Discussions Combined with Fun Activities!
    Often, clients call and say they are planning an educational but fun activity focused on healthy living.  The perfect balance is an active Sports Battle followed by a nutritious lunch and healthy eating discussion!

  3. Coming into the City to Enjoy the City!
    Looking to plan a fun field trip downtown, but have already done all the museums?  WCF’s spy themed Mission Impossible Scavenger Hunt is a perfect way to engage the kids in thought provoking activities while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city!  The scavenger hunt takes place on Michigan Avenue, and of course all teams have guides and chaperones with them throughout the event.  Mission clues and activities are age appropriate and customized to fit your group demographics.  Feedback on this new program for kids has been outstanding!

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