Rental Rates and Policies


Rental Rates

The following are hourly rates for courts and prices for daily passes

Basketball – Soccer – Hockey Courts

  • $130/hour for rental of 13 weeks or more
    ($140/hour for one-time rental)
  • Monday – Friday:  5pm to 11pm
  • Saturday – Sunday:  9am to 10pm
Non - prime
  • $100/hour for rental of 13 weeks or more
    ($120/hour for one-time rental)

Volleyball Courts

All times  

  • $80/hour for rental of 13 weeks or more
    ($90/hour for one-time rental)

Full-Day Sports Pass

$12 (Subject to availability.  Please call for times.)

Banquet/Party Room Rental

All times: $100/hour for rental

Please note:  All rates subject to change.  Rental of 13 weeks or more to receive reduced rates shown above.


Rental Policies

Below is a list of court reservation policies.

  • Full payment for court time booked is due at the time of booking.  A valid credit card or cash payment (no checks) must be given to guarantee the booking.  Any amount not paid in cash must immediately be paid for with a credit card or be authorized on a credit card. *(Note: Under no circumstances will any court time be booked without full payment.)

  • If a customer chooses to pay cash for any outstanding credit card authorization, they must do so prior to the court time being used.  (Note: Under no circumstances is a group allowed onto the court without full payment.  No exceptions!)

  •  Reservations can be made and held for a maximum of 48 hours.  (Note:  Under no circumstances, no matter when the reservation was made, will a reservation be held past noon on Friday for the weekend.)
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