Birthday Party Add-Ons

Themed Parties — Additional fee applies


Mad Science Party (2.5 hours)

  • Science Party1 hours of Group Sports Play
  • 45 min. Science Show
  • 45 min. for dining
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
  • Science only parties available


Laser Tag Birthday Party (2 hours Ages 8+)

  • Laser Tag - a fun safe laser tag battleground is setup for the kids to play game after game of laser tag fun.  The kids are setup on teams to compete in as many laser tag battle rounds as possible in the time provided.  If desired, teams are rotated for each battle.  You are also able to add twists to each game such as capture the flag.  In the end, the kids get their competitive juices flowing and enjoy a fun and safe laser tag battle.
  • 1.5 hours of Laser Tag
  • 30 min. for dining
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
    * All laser tag equipment provided.  Additional options exist to split Laser Tag time with Group Sports Play if desired.


Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party
(2 hours* Ages 9+)

  • Teams navigate through the sights and sounds of fun destinations for kids in downtown Chicago - the perfect way to celebrate your child's special day!
  • 2 hours of Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party 
  • WCF Scavenger Hunt Coordinators also included based on final WCF package selected
  • Ending location for dining/party, if desired chosen by parent and child 
    *  2 Hours for Scavenger Hunt activities only.  Does not include time for dining/party at your previously chosen ending location, if desired.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Party (2 hours)

  • 1 hour of Group Sports Play
  • 45 min. of Reduce, Reuse & Recyle Activities
  • 45 min. for dining
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle only parties available 


WCF Sports Academy Party (2 hours)

  • 1.5 hours of Group Sports Play with your Favorite WCF Sports Academy Coach*
  • 30 minutes for dining
  • WCF party coordinators also included based on final WCF package selected
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
    *Availability of coaches varies depending upon party date  


Princess Party (2 hours)

  • Princess45 min. of Group Sports Play
  • 45 min. with princess entertainer (activities will be available at this time)
  • 30 min. for dining
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
  • Princess only parties available 


Candy Decorating Party (2 hours)

  • bdaycake1 hour of Group Sports Play
  • 1 hour of candy decorating and dining
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
  • Candy Decorating only parties available 


Bounce 'n Play Party (2 hours)

  • Inflatables1 hour of 3 inflatables (no sports activities are included)
  • 1 hour for dining
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
  • Inflatables party only available certain weekends.  Call for availability.   


Dance Party (2.5 hours)

  • DanceParty45 min of Group Sports Play
  • 45 min Dance Party - kids learn a fun, customized dance and some of the newest moves with a professional dance instructor!
  • 1 hour for dining
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
  • Dance Party only parties available 


Build-A-Friend Stuffed Animal Party
(2.5 hours)

  • BuildAFriend1 hour of Group Sports Play
  • 1 hr Build-A-Friend Stuffed Animal Party – the birthday boy or girl and party guests each build a stuffed animal - select your animal, stuff it and make it your very own!
  • 30 min. for dining
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
  • Build-A-Friend Stuffed Animal Party only parties available 

Makeover Fashion Party (2.5 hours)

  • MakeoverFashion1 hour of Group Sports Play
  • 1 hr Makeover Fashion Party – fun with glitter cosmetics and more importantly, a strong focus on teaching girls about self-confidence, inner-beauty, friendship, trust, caring and more!
  • 30 min. for dining
  • Includes 4 tables and 25 chairs
  • Makeover Fashion Party only parties available 

Customize It!

Extra Set-Up Time

Parents who want extra time to set-up prior to the party are able to enter the party area 30-minutes early for the discounted rate of $60 (staff included).

Super-Size Your Party!

Need more time for cake and refreshments?  Parents may super-size the dining time at a discounted rate of $60 for the first additional half hour and $70 for every half hour thereafter (staff included).

Creative Party Add-Ons

Moon Walk & Other Inflatables

Want to have a barrel of fun? Rent our bouncy, inflatable Moon Walk or select from a variety of inflatables such as Tiny Tot Town, Safari Wind Tunnel and more.  The inflatables are available to children and adults for the duration of your court time.  Watch your guests laugh and smile as they bounce and somersault around in these fun and safe inflatables.

Interactive Entertainment

Treat your guests to this fun and entertaining personality who performs magic tricks, makes balloon animals or face paints for all your guests.  This person creates a festive atmosphere and adds flavor to your event for 1.5 hours.

Batting Cages

Let this year’s birthday party be a home run!  Allow your guests to hit baseballs and softballs in the batting cage during your party’s court time.  Various sizes of bats and helmets available.

Worry-Free Party Option

Don’t want to hassle with bringing or setting up paper plates, napkins, tablecloths and utensils?  We provide it for you and even provide a special commemorative t-shirt for the birthday child along with up to 25 souvenir cups and miniature maps with directions to Windy City Fieldhouse.

Additional Add-Ons

  • Additional Party Coordinators
  • Souvenir Cups as Goodie Bags
  • Birthday Party T-Shirt (please allow 2 weeks per order)